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Below are some of my favourite works compiled into a few demos. Click the download button on the right to listen at your leisure!

Reasons you should work with me

Super-fast turnaround: I'll deliver results within 24 hours, often much sooner than that. Super tight deadline? I'm easy to work with.Clients can sometimes be a pain. Let me help with that: I'm happy to provide alternate takes until your client is satisfied- nay- dare I say it... happy!Risk-free sample: Think my voice might fit your project, but not 100% sure? No problem! I'm more than happy to provide a free sample, so you and your team can be confident you're getting the results you want before booking.Remote direction: If you'd like to direct me live via Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, etc - that's no problem - plus, you can keep all the takes, or ask me to pick out the best ones for you.Remove the cost and headache of casting sites: Paying extra commission to get hundreds of submissions, many of whom suffer from insufficient technical know-how or talent, is a giant waste of your time. Let me help you build a shortlist of proven talents you can refer to for projects, confident in the knowledge you'll get great options every time.

About me

I'm a 16-time award winning filmmaker who's been voice acting for quite some time. So if we get to work together, I understand the process quite well.I currently have a bizarrely popular podcast called, 'Canadian Politics is Boring' that's taking the charts by storm. (We’ve broken into the top 5 Podcast’s in Canada on Apple Podcasts, were the no 1 Trending podcast on Spotify Canada, we’ve reached No 3 in Canada for the genre of Comedy and appeared in the top 250 political shows in the USA.)I'm having a lot of fun with this, and I hope to add my voice to a large variety of things. Including your project....Especially your project.

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